Change Your Clocks, Have a Home Fire Drill

Change Your Clocks, Have a Home Fire Drill,  Check Your Smoke Detectors, Extinguishers, Carbon Monoxide Monitors

This weekend we ‘fall back’ and get a much needed hour of sleep.  But the change in time be it the end of Daylight Savings Time (in the Fall) or the beginning (in the Spring) is also a reminder to review your home safety checklist:

Check/change the batteries in your smoke detectors and test your detectors to ensure that they are working correctly. I found smoke detectors on Amazon as low as $11.

Check/change the battering in your carbon monoxide (CO) detectors and test your detectors to ensure that they are working correctly. Carbon monoxide (CO) detectors can be purchased for as little at $18 and you should have one for each floor of your home.

Check the ‘charge’ (pressure) in your fire extinguishers.    Take a moment to check that you have the correct type of extinguisher for the location.  If the extinguisher is low, then consider purchasing a new one as oppossed to recharging your current one. Basic home fire extinguishers cost around $20 each.   If you have only one, then have a fire extinguisher that will extinguish a fire in your kitchen.  According to  cooking fires were the leading cause of one- and two-family residential building fires reported to the fire service (33 percent).

Have a home fire drill.  Involve your children in this task by having them act as time keepers to determine how fast the family the get out of the house and to the designated gathering spot. Click on this link for an easy step by guide to design your Home Fire Drill  (published by the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security of the State of Massassuchettes).

I thought this was a great information when I read that most fires take place at night when it is hard to see and easy to become disoriented and that a fire DOUBLES IN SIZE every minute.

I’ve included the Amazon links as we all know that it is easier to ‘get it done’ when you just have to click on the link as opposed to got to the store.
Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of but the opinions in the blog post are my own.

Helpful Links: Smoke Alarms Tips and Fact Sheet by State of California
Carbon Monixcide Tips and Fact Sheet by State of California

US Fire Administration Learn About Fire Escape Plans
US Fire Administration  Home Fire Prevention and Safety Tips


And now your Round Tu IT!  So in case you’v e been saying that you would get around to it, now you’ve got one!

Originally Posted on: 11/1/2013
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