February is Heart Month – Embrace Yourself

February is Heart Month, an excellent reminder that we should take good care of ourselves.  So many women, especially mothers ascribe to the ‘Super Woman’ myth of being indestructible. But because we are mothers we need to take even better care of ourselves. 

Do you know the symptoms of heart attack in women?   Here’s the quiz: Try to name three symptoms of heart attack that are associated with women.  And when you’re finished click on the links below to check your answers and check yourself.  Be your own advocate.  
Women’s Heart Attack Symptoms
Eight Critical Questions to Ask Your Doctor
Ten Questions to Ask Yourself  

Safeway.com – Free Heart Health Screening – a $40 Value
Heart disease is the #1 killer of women. Take five minutes for a free screening at our Pharmacy. 

As for me, I looked at the list and booked my appointment.  I discussed my concerns with my doctor, who immediately ordered an EKG and is now following up with a treadmill test.

Celebrate Family!

Originally Posted on: 2/18/2009
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