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College Scholarships for November

This post was most recently updated on February 16th, 2022

January scholarships to put on your calendar. Don’t forget, scholarships aren’t only for high school seniors. I have several listed that are for students in elementary and grade school.

The Debt.com Scholarship For Aggressive Scholarship Applicants

  • Award: $500
  • Open to students who can prove that you have applied for other scholarships and a short letter about yourself.
  • Deadline: January 1, 2022

Army Women’s Foundation Legacy Scholarships

  • Award: $2500
  • The Army Women’s Foundation Legacy Scholarship Program provides grants to women soldiers, past and present, and their lineal descendants
  • Deadline: January 2, 2022

“Don’t Wait to Reach Your Potential” Scholarship

  • Award: $500
  • Open to college-bound teens in grades 9th-12th.
  • Deadline: January 4, 2022

Marvel Optics Scholarship

    • Award: $1500
    • Open to any current, full-time student at an accredited two-year or four-year American university or college.
    • Deadline: January 5, 2022

Young Filmmakers Scholarship Contest

  • Award: $100 to $1000 in several categories
  • Open to students from 3rd grade to college postgraduates.
  • Deadline: January 5, 2022

Diller Teen Tikkun Olam Award

  • Award: $36,000
  • Open to teens (13-19 years old) who self-identify as Jewish, and demonstrate remarkable leadership and engagement in community service projects that embody the values of tikkun olam – “repairing the world.”
  • Deadline: January 8, 2022

Ron Brown Scholarship Program

  • Award: (45) $40,000
  • Open to students who are Black/African Americans, US citizens or permanent residents, and current high school seniors at the time of their application.
  • Deadline: January 9, 2022

AWSC Graduating High School Senior Scholarship

  • Award: $300-$1500
  • Applicant must be an individual member, or son, daughter, or legal ward of a family with a current membership in an AWSC (snowmobile) club with two consecutive years prior membership.
  • Deadline: January 10, 2022

Carson Scholars Fund, Inc.

    • Award: $1000
    • to students in grades 4 through 11 who excel academically and are dedicated to serving their communities.
    • Deadline: January 10, 2022

SiliconValleyMom Best Bet:
1) Review the deadlines dates and qualifications first.
2) Make a list of the scholarships to be considered in order of:
>> Deadline
3) Make a plan/schedule for submitting the applications and materials.

Taco Bell Scholarship

      • Award: 100 awards available, ranging from $2500 to $25,000
      • Open to students (ages 16-26) who are passionate about creating a better future and making a positive impact on their community. This is not needs or achievement-based; it is a passion-based scholarship program.
      • Deadline: January 11, 2022

Terry Crews “Creative Courage” Scholarship

      • Award: $20,000
      • Open to high school and undergraduate students who are struggling artists chasing their dreams.
      • Deadline: January 12, 2022

APIASF General Scholarship Program

      • Award: $20,000
      • Open to students of Asian and/or Pacific Islander ethnicity as defined by the U.S. Census, be a citizen, national, or legal permanent resident of the United States, have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.7 on a 4.0 scale, and be enrolling as an undergraduate student.
      • Deadline: January 14, 2022

Blaze Your Own Trail Scholarship

      • Award: $1,000
      • Open to current high school seniors, undergraduates, or graduate students who are ages 17 and older.
      • Deadline: January 14, 2022

Profile in Courage Scholarship

      • Award: (1) $10,000 (1) $3000 (5) $1000 (8) $100
      • Open to United States high school students in grades nine through twelve attending public, private, parochial, or home schools; U.S. students under the age of twenty enrolled in a high school correspondence/GED program in any of the fifty states, the District of Columbia.
      • Deadline: January 14, 2022

SiliconValleyMom.com Best Bet:
Do not wait until the junior or senior year of high school to start looking for scholarships.
Get ahead of the crowd. Register for scholarships and competitions in elementary school.

Glotzer & Leib Scholarship

      • Award: $1000
      • Open to any student currently enrolled in an accredited college or university in the United States. This includes students that have been accepted and have committed to attend a specific college or university next semester.
      • Deadline: January 15, 2022

Trial Pro Scholarship

      • Award: $5000
      • Open to students who are in the United States and currently enrolled full time in high school, full time in college, or in an accredited university.
      • Deadline: January 15, 2022

The Christophers Video Contest

      • Award: $2000, $1000, $500, (Up to 5) $100
      • Open to students who are enrolled in and attending undergraduate or graduate college classes, full or part-time, between September 2021 and February 2022.
      • Deadline: January 16, 2022

AAMI Foundation Scholarships

      • Award: $3000
      • Open to students entering or current full-time college students seeking a career in the healthcare technology profession at an accredited college or university.
      • Deadline: January 18, 2022

Innovation in Education College Scholarship

      • Award: $500
      • Open to U.S. or Canadian students currently enrolled as a high school or college/university student. This scholarship is awarded monthly!
      • Deadline: January 20, 2022

Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship

      • Award: $40,000 for college and a paid programming internship at Amazon.
      • Be a high school senior in the U.S. who has completed or is currently enrolled in a computer science course – dual enrollment courses also count! If you haven’t taken a formal computer science course but have learned on your own, you can opt in to take a brief assessment instead.
      • Deadline: January 25, 2022

PBWC 2022 Scholarship Program **

      • Award: Varies
      • Open to California resident, high school senior who identifies as female.
      • Deadline: January 28, 2022

Technology Addiction Awareness Scholarship

      • Award: $1000
      • Open to high school freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior or a current or entering college or graduate school student of any level.
      • Deadline: January 30, 2022

Technology Awareness Scholarship

      • Award: $1000
      • Open to high school freshman, sophomores, juniors, or seniors, or current or entering college or graduate school students of any level. Homeschooled students are also eligible. There is no age limit. You must also be a U.S. citizen or legal resident.
      • Deadline: January 30, 2022

Black American Engineering Scholarship Award

      • Award: $10000
      • a Black American incoming college freshman/current high school senior or a student transferring from a two-year program into a four-year program. Must be pursuing a degree in civil, electrical, mechanical, or chemical engineering, including any subfield o
      • Deadline: January 31, 2022

Cappex Easy Money Scholarship

      • Award: $1000
      • Open to high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors.
      • Deadline: January 31, 2022

CareerFitter Scholarship

      • Award: $1000
      • Students must be enrolled, or due to be enrolled, as a full-time undergraduate or graduate student at an accredited US college or university for the semester, they are applying to receive the scholarship.
      • Deadline: January 31, 2022

CollegeXpress Scholarship

      • Award: $10,000
      • Open to middle and high school students.
      • Deadline: January 31, 2022

Dinah Shore Scholarship

      • Award: $5000
      • Open to a female high school senior golf player who is pursuing a college education, but will not be playing collegiate golf.
      • Deadline: January 31, 2022

eQuality Scholarships

      • Award: $6000
      • Open to northern or central California who completed or expects to complete high school or equivalent, or complete community college between 1 Jul 2017 and 30 Jun 2022;
      • Deadline: January 31, 2022

I Have a Dream Scholarship

      • Award: $1500
      • Open to U.S. students who are 14 years of age or older at the time of application.
      • Deadline: January 31, 2022

Juno Scholarship

      • Award: $1000
      • Open to all U.S. students ages 18 and older.
      • Deadline: January 31, 2022

MyMozaic Monthly Scholarship Contest

      • Award: $1000
      • Open to students 13 years of age or older on the date of their entry.
      • Deadline: January 31, 2022

Return 2 College Scholarship

      • Award: $1000
      • Open to students 14 years of age and a legal U.S. resident.
      • Deadline: January 31, 2022

The Advocates Scholarship

      • Award: $1000
      • Open to all prospective or current students enrolled in an accredited university or college, located within the United States.
      • Deadline: January 31, 2022

Employment BOOST College Scholarships

      • Award: (2) $1000
      • High school students who have been accepted to college and students who are currently enrolled in a college or university are eligible to apply for the Employment BOOST college scholarship program.
      • Deadline: This organization accepts scholarship applications year-round, on a rolling basis.

** Scholarships for California students only.

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