KDFC Is Looking for the Bay Area’s Next Classical Idol

KDFC is looking for non-professional classical instrumentalists or vocalists in two simple categories: ages 10-20; and 21 and over. Three finalists in each group will perform at the live Finals Event on May 11 at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.  Winners of the competition will receive $1500.

KDFC has extended the date to enter until April 5, 2009.

Ths yearly competition  is a wonderful way to highlight the love of classical music in our children.  The finals competition will be held on Monday, May 11, 7 pm at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

Thanks again to KDCF for their annual Children’s Day at the Tech.  The concert was wonderful and free admission to the Tech is always welcome.  Thanks also to Safeway for the snacks and drinks.

We recommend the Beethoven’s Wig series for children ages 10 and under as a great way to introduce children to classical music. 

Each cd includes classical music selections with lyrics written just for children.  For example, “”Light Cavalry March”” by Suppe becomes “”Stuck In The Saddle Again” and Beethoven’s 5th Symphony becomes Beethoven’s Wig and entire song devoted to Beethoven’s flowing wig. Visit the Beethoven’s Wig store at Amazon.com to purchase these cd and listen to the individual clips.  

Celebrate Family!

Originally Posted on: 3/28/2009
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