MathWorks – Free Bilingual Program at the Tech Museum

MathWorks  is a free, bilingual (English and Spanish) program for children in grades K – 5 and their families, offered by the Tech Museum of Innovation. These math and science activities are designed to teach parents and families how to help reinforce math skills that are being taught in school. These basic skills have been identified as those needed in order to be successful in math and science. Each MathWorks session is six weeks of Saturday classes.

During MathWorks, participants leverage the engineering design process, as  they brainstorm, collaborate,  design, and  build  their  way  to   creative  solutions.  Design  challenges  allow  students  to  get   an  intuitive  sense  of  mathematics,  practice  creative  strategies   for  solving  problems,  and  develop  the  innovative  thinking   skills  they’ll  need  to  solve  math  problems  and  prepare   for  career  success  in  the  21st  century.  Meets  California   Mathematics  Content  Standards.

Next session begins on Sept 10 at 10:30  am –12:00 pm or 2:00 – 3:30  pm. Free snacks are provided for participants. For more information or to register please call (408) 795-6330.

In addition to the September program,  MathWorks will be available for the following dates:
October  22  –  December  3 (No class on Thanksgiving weekend.)
January  7  –  February  11
February  18  –  March  24
April  14  –  May  19!

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Originally Posted on: 9/7/2011
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