Monkey Kingdom Helps Supports Conservation International

DisneyNature's Monkey Kindgom
DisneyNature's Monkey Kinddom

I love it when something that I do is not only fun but also does some good for someone else so I am looking forward to seeing DisneyNature’s Monkey Kingdom this upcoming week.  Why? Because for each ticket sold between April 17 and April 23, Disney will make a donation to Conservation International to help monkeys and other endangered species and also to save and restore forest habitats.  The Disney company has also promised that the minimum donation will be $ 100,000. Conservation International will be using the donations from DisneyNature’s Monkey Kingdom in Sri Lanka Cambodia and Indonesia for animal rescue and rehabilitation, and to educate local communities on the importance of protecting the forest habitat. Thank you DisneyNature!

DisneyNature's Monkey Kingdom
DisneyNature’s Monkey Kingdom


DisneyNature’s donation to help the monkeys is very apropo because Monkey Kingdom is the story of Maya and Kip.  Maya is a macaque monkey living among ancient ruins in the storied jungles of South Asia, and Kip is her young son.  In watching the trailers for the movie it is obvious that Maya is a perfect choice for the movie.   She is adorable with her freckles and blond hair and the monkeys’ faces are so expressive that the two of them stand out in a crowd.

Know Before You Go – Check the Movie Review for DisneyNature Monkey Kingdom

Monkey Kingdom is rated G, but what I consider a G rating for my family may be different than a G rating for yours so here is a link to the movie review by Common Sense Media.  According to their review Monkey Kingdom is appropriate for children ages 6 and above.

How Else is Disney  Supporting Conservation International?

In addition to the donations from the movie tickets, Disney companies and partners are also helping in other ways.

Monkey Kingdom is the sixth major film by DisneyNature (Earth, Oceans, African Cats, Bears and Chimpanzee).   Check out the other films at or watch one with your family at Amazon Instant Video.

Make it more than just a movie!  Click here to download the Parent’s Activity Kit created by DisneyNature.  In the kit you’ll find instructions on how to create a Termite Origami, Monkey Face Mask and Puppet plus information about the primates in Monkey Kingdom, their habitat and neighbors. 

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