Science Fair Time – Resources and Tips

It’s time for Science Fair projects.  Two very important tips for successful science fair projects:

1) Create a time line of deadlines and relevant dates. Nothing worse than finding that the ‘perfect project’ takes three weeks to complete, but there are only two weeks until the project must be submitted.

2) Pay careful attention to the list of items needed for the project.  Triple check the list of items needed before you make that first trip to the store.

3) Have only one parent supervise.  The project looks like a great deal of fun (and why should only the children get to have fun??).  But unless both parents share the same style of teaching or it has been decided (before the project begins) who will be responsible for what tasks, it will be easier for the child and parents if this is just a two person team.

Some resources for your use:

Michaels and Lakeshore Learning – easy sources of display boards and materials.

Link + listing of science fair books available through the local libraries. Science Fair Projects – Listing of Science Fair project books.

Originally Posted on: 2/17/2009
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