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New Homes at Orchard Park

October 15, 2014 Marian Kicklighter 0

I recently had the pleasure of attending the VIP opening of the new homes at Orchard Park San Jose. These beautiful new homes offers a mix of home types, flats, courts and towns making it easy for extended families to live close to one another and still have the type of housing that best fit their needs.

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Create the Ultimate Costume Look with BuyCostumes

October 13, 2014 Marian Kicklighter 0

The concept of ‘Party in A Box’ where with one click you can order everything from invitations to Thank you notes has now come to costumes with the new Customizable Costume Collection. If you are serious about dressing up, then you know that it takes a little more than a black cape and some boots to create an authentic Darth Vader. And no little Frozen-loving, Elsa wannabe is going to let you get away with buying just a simple dress without a blonde wig.

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Halloween Party Ideas by Celebrate Express

October 6, 2014 Marian Kicklighter 0

A Halloween party is so much more than just a few costumes and a couple of bat cupcakes! Haunted house tour, favorite murder mystery re-enactment…there are so many exciting possibilities and Celebrate Express has what it takes to supply them all!