Braun No Touch Thermometer

Braun No Touch Thermometer

I received product samples to facilitate my review,  a promotional item to thank me for my participation and a delicious lunch at the Hillside Supper Club in San Francisco.  All opinions presented in the post are my own.

I recently attended a luncheon to review the Braun No Touch Thermometer. The timing was perfect because although it is still feels like summer here in the Bay area, we really are approaching December and with that coughs, colds, and flu season.  As we seem to be stuck in an endless summer (case in point it is 75 degrees outside as I write this) it is hard to prioritize tasks such as flu shots or to be concerned about the upcoming months of sniffles and sneezes, which was another reason why I appreciated the event, the thermometer and reminders that flu season is just around the corner.

Flu season in the US is generally December – February,  so before you become completely immersed in holiday plans, take a few moments and arrange for your flu shots.

It was just a few days after the luncheon that I got to test drive the Braun No Touch on my family as one by one we all got the first cold of the season.
The package is easy to open and works literally right out of the box.  Just insert the batteries (which are included) and turn it on. In addition to the thermometer and the batteries ,the package includes directions and a protective cover.  That’s it.

After inserting the batteries and turning on the unit, I pointed it towards my son’s forehead, pressed the button and within 10 seconds got a temperature reading. Using it on my son, reminded me that while most of the discussions about the Braun No Touch revolve around how easy it is to use the the thermometer to take the temperature of young children, this is a great product for college students living away from home.  Think about it, your child is not feeling well, calls home for mom and what is one of the first questions that is asked. “Do you have a fever?”.  With the Braun No Touch, your child can take their temperature in less than 10 seconds.  No trying to read the tiny numbers on a digital thermometer, especially with the usual headache that accompanies a cold or flu.  Also the Braun No Touch displays the severity of the fever using the colors, Green, Yellow, Red in addition to the numerical display.

As for accuracy, I tested the Braun No Touch against a mercury thermometer and a digital thermometer.    The Braun No Touch was consistently within .2 of a degree on the temperature shown by the other thermometers.

Braun No Touch thermometer

3 things I liked about the Braun No Touch

1) The option to take the temperature by placing the Braun No Touch directly on the skin or just holding the thermometer close to my child’s forehead.
2) Ability to tell the temperature by the numerical display and also the color coded system (Green, Yellow, Red).
3) The night light (Guidance Light) making it easy to use the product at night without turning on the light in the room.

1 thing I did not like about the Braun No Touch

1) The price.  The thermometer is available at for $42 and other retailers such as Walgreens and Target for $59-$69.  If you/your family has a medical FSA account, the cost may be reimbursed.  I definitely recommend this as a Baby Shower gift. Or a gift to a young adult moving away from home.  It will be much appreciated.

Thank you also to @BraunTherms for their contributions to a local children’s hospital.  $1 for each temperature checked during their visits in the SF Bay area.

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