College Prep This Week – Estimated Family Financial Contributions

This week we are working on:

1) Calculating our Expected Family Contribution:  Using calculators supplied by the College Board and visiting the web site of each college we are considering,  We are crunching the numbers to get an estimated figure and adding the figure to our information. Why?  Because while the cost of the college will not be the most important factor, it is one of the components that is important to us. See TIP at the end of this this post.

2) Making Appointments with Admission Counselors: Something we forgot to stress during our earlier campus tours.  For all future tours, we are making appointments and taking copies of Ian’s high school transcripts with us. See TIP at the end of this this post.

3) Making Appointments with Financial Aid Counselors:  Important items for us to discuss are reviewing the estimate according to the school’s web site, and other forms of aid that might be available.

Marian Kicklighter
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TIP 1: Create a Text Document for Storing Financial Information Used in Calculations.  As you enter information into the financial calculators, save the information in your document so that is is easily accessible as you visit the different web sites.

For example:
Gross Family Income $xxx,xxx
Current Value of property: $xxx,xxxx

TIP2: Bring A Transcript.  Contact the high school and ask for a transcript.   An unofficial version should be sufficient for meetings during campus tours.


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