Disney Store Opening Serremonte Center

disney store opening collageGuess what I learned last week at the new Disney Imagination Destination store at Serremonte Center in Daly Center?  It is still magical when you enter a Disney store. This is a new type of Disney store and I couldn’t decide where to explore first so I want to thank the staff for taking the time to tell me all about this store.

First though for me and my Disney Princess Elizabeth were the beautiful trees.  Each one seemed to glow and yes there was a little extra sparkle in a certain place.  See how many of your favorite Disney friends can be found in the trees.

How many of your favorite Disney characters can you find?
How many of your favorite Disney characters can you find?

Next, we followed the Pixie Path on the floor of the store which took us from the doorway of the store to the castle (yes a miniature castle perfect for pictures) throughout the many merchandise displays to the large monitor which was queued with many of our favorite Disney songs.

Disney Imagination Destination Castle
Don’t forget to take a picture at the Castle!

When you visit this store don’t forget to look UP.  The evening sky which surrounds the walls of the store includes a depiction of the Cow Palace and other landmarks specific to the Daly City area.

As for the other goodies in the store…..we couldn’t tear ourselves away for the beautiful items from the new Cinderella movie.  My princess favors the tiara, veil and earrings from Cinderella’s wedding.  I loved the tees for adults.

My Disney Princess Loves the Tiara & Veil from Cinderella
My Disney Princess Loves the Tiara & Veil from Cinderella

Andi you’d like to get a head start on holiday or birthday shopping, may I suggest the Cinderella Christmas ornament.

Cinderella Figural Ornament - Live Action Film
Cinderella Christmas Ornament

Something else I learned at the store last week is that each store has a special way to open the store.  In the case of the Serramonte store, a lucky child gets to open the store with a special key which the child gets to keep.  I’ll be hanging out at my local Disney store soon in hopes that someone takes pity on “a rather tall child”.  Because who doesn’t want to  experience the magic of Disney?

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