Silicon Valley Gives 2015

Silicon Valley Gives 2015

Silicon Valley Gives for 2015, our annual love fest with non-profits and community projects begins at 12:01 am on May 5.  Why should you donate during this time?  Because not only will you feel good, but corporations and foundations are lining up to match your donation!  There is over $3.7 million dollars of prizes and dollar for dollar matches available during this one day giving drive. For example, if you use PayPal for your gift, PayPal will donate 1% (up to $100,000) for gifts of $10 or more during May 5th.  Foundations such as the Skoll Foundation will provide dollar for dollar matches for donations made between 9 am – 10 am and 5 pm – 6 pm. Other prizes include:

  • $2500 each to ten (10) nonprofits with the most unique donors during the 5:00-6:00 PM hour.
  • $1,000 each to non-profits related to Environment and Science and Technology with the most unique donations during specific hours thanks to Silver Springs Network.

For a complete list of prizes, click on this link.

How Can You Give the Most with Your Donation During Silicon Valley Gives 2015?

Check the page for your charity or project. (Click here to search for your group.) Look for matches and prizes that may be set up already. Then check the prize page for a list of specific prizes and donations.  If nothing else comes to mind, then schedule your donation for at least $10 via PayPal at 9:01 am.  This should give your group a dollar for dollar match from the Skoll Foundation (up to $50,000 for donations between 9 am and 10 am) and the possibility of a 1% boost from PayPay.

Don’t forget to Share on your social networks.  On average each share garners $18 in donations from friends and family.

Prizes for those Who Donate Too!

Silicon Valley Gives isn’t just about giving.  As always in the Valley, let’s have some fun with our work so Tesla Palo Alto is providing a Tesla free for an evening to the top three donors who make the largest contributions.

Need Some Suggestions for Groups for Donation?

Here is a short list for groups and the links to their Silicon Valley Gives page.  If you would like a tweet or share for an organization or group, please leave their name, page link and any special times or instructions in comments.

TechGyrls, a program of YWCA of Silicon Valley

Symphony Silicon Valley

Boys and Girls Clubs

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area

Guadalupe River Park Converservancy

Junior Achievement of Northern California

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