Earth to Echo, This Mom’s Review

I just saw a preview showing of Relativity Media’s Earth to Echo which opens nationwide on July 2, 2014 with midnight showings in several cities on July 1st.  This is my review.

My family’s initial description was ‘Goonies meets ET’.  The movie is about a group of young people Tuck, Munch and Alex and later Emma (no exact age but approximately 13-14) whose families are being forced to move from their homes.  During the last night before the move, the group discovers a stranded space traveler.  What follows next are their attempts to help him (Echo) get home.

I would suggest that kids ages 8-15 would enjoy this movie the most.  Children younger than 8 appeared to become distracted during the showing, while teens ages 16 and older may find the plot to be a bit obvious at times. Still, there were a few surprises tucked into the film that the older kids in the audience seemed to enjoy.

Things we liked about Earth to Echo…
1) Each of the characters involved contributed something to the group.
2) The lesson that friendships are not bound by distance.
3) There are no ‘superheroes’ or ‘spies’. And the group is not out to save the Earth, just their neighborhood.
4) The way the guys worked through their problem.  Yes they had a fight as some young men do but then they talked about the situation and the real problem.

Things we did not like about Earth to Echo…
1) The constant change in camera angles.
2) The clueless parents.
3) Possible underage drinking at an unsupervised party. I mention this because the movie takes place in Nevada and the participants at the party (none of which are the main characters) didn’t appear to be 21 to me.  And while I don’t specifically remember seeing alcoholic containers, the behavior of the people at the party gave (me) the impression that they had/were drinking. This is a very short scene in the movie.  As a parent you can address it or not.

For us it was still a fun family night out. Thank you again to Relativity Media and


Relativity Media Earth to Echo
Earth to Echo opening July 2, 2014.

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(originally published June 2014)


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