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I thought I would list some of my favorite things at the library.  If you haven’t been to a library lately, you are missing a great resource.  Besides reading times for everyone from lap babies to families, today’s library offers computer access, ESL classes, homework help and family activities for all age groups.   Individuals and groups can rent rooms in the libraries for functions and meetings.   Of course, “your mileage may vary”. Which translates to “you might not have all of these features at your local library”.   But I suspect that some of the features listed will be available either on line or via the telephone. Have fun.


Placing a ‘Hold’ or ‘Requesting’ An Item

No need to driving to a library to look for a book (or CD, DVD, audio book or PlayAway).  Instead, place a “hold” or “request” the item and have it delivered to the library branch of your choice.   How?  After retrieving the record for the item, click on the Request button (or Hold depending upon your library system) and then follow the prompts.   I love receiving an email telling me that my DVD, audio book, latest Nora Roberts, or Sherilyn Kenyon book is waiting patently for me to retrieve it from my local branch.

Being Able to Borrow Items from Other Libraries

It’s called Link+.  By using Link+ I can request materials from libraries throughout California.   And again, have the item delivered to the library branch of my choice.   How?   Access the record of the item you would like or the subject. Click on the Search Link+ button (or hold depending upon your library system) and then follow the prompts.

Link + items carry heavy fines for late returns or losing the book, so make sure you return it on time or early!  I always return Link+ items to a librarian instead of using a drop box.

Checking Out Ebooks, Music and Audio Books

One of the best things about ebooks and (online) audio books is that you don’t have to worry about returning them on time.  Because your license to read or listen to the item will simply expire at the end of the borrowing period.

How do you check out ebooks and other electronic items?   Either click on the link from your local library or go to   Enter your library card information and follow the prompts.   If the item you want is not available, use the hold/request feature.   You’ll get an email when the item is ready for you to check out.

Download and try the Libby app from Overdrive.  You can link your library cards and easily download the electronic item to your phone or e-reader.

Public Libraries are Free!

My family has library cards for more than a dozen public libraries in California.  Why?   Different library systems have different Link+ agreements so something that is not available through San Jose Public Library might be available through Santa Clara County Library.

Libraries also have different ebooks, audio books, magazines, newspapers and movies online.

5) Internet and computer access.   As I write this is I am at the Hillview branch (San Jose Public Library) while Ian is at golf.   You can stop by your local library to access a computer.

6) Free homework assistance for grades 4th – 12th (depending upon the library system).   The online tutoring service is available in English and Spanish depending upon the library system.

7) Great things to do. The libraries are a great place to hang out. This week several libraries will offer time on Wii’s, Dance Dance Revolution, eating and parenting classes, movies at the library, and talent shows.  I took a class on blogging at the Sunnyvale Library.

8) Last but not least, our favorite librarian, Ms. Hannah at the Cambrian Branch, who always has a smile, hug and saved Ian’s history project.

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