Make Your Own Letter From Santa 2015

Here is a wonderful tradition for the holidays – a letter from Santa post marked from the North Pole.  And all it costs is your time and a stamp.  This is a yearly program offered by the US Postal Service.  The deadline for 2015 is December 15th.  In order to get your letter from Santa postmarked North Pole, you must

  1. Write the letter, put it in an envelope with the correct postage and addressed to your child.
  2. Enclose that letter in another envelope and mail it to:
    4141 POSTMARK DR
    ANCHORAGE AK 99530-9998

Remember your letter must be received by December 15, 2015.


Letter From Santa from US Postal Service

Some suggestions for Letter from Santa activities are to have your children write a letter to Santa and you write a letter in response (from Santa); or write a letter from Santa praising your child for an accomplishment or trying hard on a difficult task. Perhaps an announcement of an upcoming surprise or treat.  Lastly there are always the short reminders to clean their room and take out the trash.

Have fun with your ideas and keep it personal.  You might also write a letter from Santa to yourself and other adults in the house. In my house the magic of Santa is alive and well for both the younger and “older” kids.

One last reminder, create a folder or binder and save the letters for later years.

For more details and suggestions, visit Letters from Santa.


Happy Holidays from my family to yours.


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