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Monster Energy Supercross
Monster Energy Supercross | Click here to purchase tickets in your area.

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Consider this a “Know Before You Go” insider guide about Monster Energy Supercross! Links in this post may be affiliate links (which means at no cost to you, I may get a commission on sales when you use these links).

What is Monster Energy Supercross?

Monster Energy Supercross (technically Monster Energy AMA Supercross) is a series of motorcycle races that are run throughout stadiums in the US.  The races are held from January through early May.  The tracks include steep jumps and obstacles which adds to the event’s excitement.   Monster Energy Supercross is produced by Feld Entertainment which also produces Disney on Ice, Marvel Live, Monster Jam and Sesame Street Live.

Monster Energy Supercross is for kids ages 2 years and older.   The evening last for about 3 1/2 hours with a 15 minute intermission and two 5 minute breaks for “track maintenance”.   Tickets are required for anyone 2 years and older. Click here to purchase tickets in your area.

The races are divided by the size of the bikes (250SX or 450SX).  There are two heats for each bike class and then a Last Change Qualifier race.  These races are 5 minutes plus 1 lap each. The qualifiers eventually race in the Main Event which is a 15 minute plus 1 lap race for 250SX and 20 minute plus 1 lap race for 450SX.  Each race has about 22 riders.

Want to check out Monster Energy Supercross but can’t get to an event? See the races on TV or on line with NBC Sports Gold or the Supercross Video Pass.  Click here to learn more.

Ticket prices for Monster Energy Supercross start at $20 depending upon the location (for the main show), and $15 for the pre-show Fan Fest. Tickets are required for anyone 2 year of age and older.  Click here to purchase tickets.

Where are the Best Seats for Monster Energy Supercross?

Anywhere!  That is one of the best things about Supercross being in stadiums.  All seats are good seats.  If you have young children I suggest getting seats farther away from the track and bringing ear protection because the noise can be very, very loud.

What is the Monster Energy Supercross Fan Fest?

Fan Fest is a pre-show get together where fans can meet and greet with racers, take pictures and more!  It’s the “get up close and personal time” for Monster Energy Supercross.  There are sponsor displays and souvenirs.  I always recommend Fan Fest and any of the other pre-show events that are put on by Feld Entertainment.  Feld trys very hard (and succeeds) in creating the up close time for fans and future fans.  Sometimes it is a Fan Fest, a pre-show sing-a-long or “Meet the Monster Trucks” at local businesses.

The Fan Fest is the same day as the Supercross events and usually takes place from 12 pm – 6 pm.

Tickets for Fan Fest are $15 per person.  Visit the SupercrossLive site for more info about sponsors and ways to get into Fan Fest for free.  Tickets can be purchase online at Ticketmaster using the “ADD-ONS/SPECIAL ENTRY” link.   Monster Energy Supercross FanFest ticket link.

What Else is there to do at Monster Energy Supercross?

Besides the races and the Fan Fest, you can add VIP Experiences on to your day.  The VIP Experiences are separate and you need to have a ticket to the Supercross event too.  To find the VIP Experience in your area (for both Monster Energy Supercross and Monster Jam), check out

VIP Experiences vary from Walking the Track and Opening Ceremonies to attending the Post Race Press Conference.  Prices for VIP experiences can be as low as $25.

What is Supercross Futures?

Supercross Futures is the amateur racing arm of Monster Energy AMA Supercross.  Kids as young as 4 years old race in different classes earning points and experience as they work to earn their 250SX Class Supercross license.  According to Monster Energy Supercross, “Supercross Futures will develop approximately 6,100 athletes across 26 classes inside the same stadiums and on the same dirt as the professionals in Monster Energy AMA Supercross”.

Tickets for Supercross Futures are $20 (varies) and can be purchased through Ticketmaster.  Tickets are required for kids 2 years+.

Where Can You Find Discounts for Monster Energy Supercross

Below are codes and suggestions for discounts. Discounts come and go and some are while supplies last so I can’t promise that these will be available.  If you know of a discount that isn’t listed, give a shout out so that we can share it with other families.

Have I Missed Anything That You Want to Know about Monster Energy Supercross?

If there is something else that you would like to know, give a shout out or add a comment to this post.


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