Disney on Ice Dare to Dream

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What is Disney on Ice Dare to Dream?

Disney on Ice Dare to Dream is a family friendly ice skating show that features Disney stories and characters.  You can expect to see several of the Disney princesses plus Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and other Disney favorites.  What IS special about Disney on Ice Dare to Dream is that is the only show which has Moana, plus a Coco sing-along with Miguel at the start of the show.

Disney on Ice Dare to Dream is produced by Feld Entertainment which also produces Monster Energy Supercross, Marvel Live, Monster Jam and Sesame Street Live.

Disney on Ice Dare to Dream is for kids ages 2 years and older and tops out at about age 12 sometimes older.   The evening last for about 3 hours with a 20 minute intermission.   Tickets are required for anyone 2 years and older. Click here to purchase tickets in your area.

Ticket prices range from $15-$95 (Rinkside) for regular tickets. Remember tickets are required for anyone 2 years of age and older. FYI, the best deal on tickets is Opening Night when $25 tickets are sold for $15. Also tickets are usually cheaper for weekdays than weekends.

CelebrateFamily.us Best Bet: Best seats for getting noticed by the cast (waves from Cinderella or air kisses from Mickey and Minnie are in the VIP section front row on the left or right sides of the the arena or in the left or right bend corners of the |_|. Click here to purchase tickets.

Where are the Best Seats for Disney on Ice Dare to Dream?

The very best seats are in the VIP sections (front rows) on the left and right sides for the arena |_|.  These are the closest seats to the ice (and the performers).  The next best seats are the very corners of the |_|  because this is used as an entrance for some of the performers. And lastly the front row of the bottom of the |_|. Click here to purchase tickets.

After these sections, then seating depends upon how tall (or not tall) your children are.  The seats at the bottom section of the |_| are usually on very short risers that extend down to floor of the arena.  Because there is not a lot of difference in the height between the rows, sometimes kids can’t see (as much as they’d like) because there is an adult sitting in front of them, or another kid standing in the seat. So if you can’t get a seat in the first 1-3 rows, then I would suggest sitting farther back.

There are no bad seats, and the performers do a great job of covering the entire iced area and facing all of the directions during the show.


Disney On Ice Dare to Dream Storyline

Moana: See how far Moana goes on a quest with demigod Maui to save her island and find her own identity.

Frozen: Anna’s devotion to her sister Elsa sets her on a journey to stop an eternal winter.

Tangeled: Rapunzel goes to great lengths to realize her dream.

Beauty and the Beast: Fearless Belle befriends the enchanted castle staff and uncovers the Beast’s gentleness.

Cinderella: With help from her friends, Cinderella is determined to make her wish come true.

Plus of course, Mickey, Minnie and a host of other Disney characters.

Special PreShow! Come early for a sing-a-long with Miguel from Coco!


What About Costumes at Disney On Ice Dare to Dream?

Yes, yes and yes.  Costumes are OK for kids 13 and younger.   My kids did not stick just with the costumes at the Disney store.  One year, my daughter ‘graced’ everyone with the White Witch costume and another year, we found a beautiful formal gown at a used clothing sale ($15).  Amazon.com has a beautiful selection for costumes for both girls and boys.

And even though adults can’t dress up, there were a lot of tiaras and wands in the audience for the “bigger” kids.

Disney On Ice Dare to Dream Discount Codes and Deals

Below are codes and suggestions for discounts. These are in the order that I would use to save the most money, while getting the best seats. Discounts come and go and some are while supplies last so I can’t promise that these will be available.  If you know of a discount that isn’t listed, give a shout out so that we can share it with other families.

Have I Missed Anything That You Want to Know about Disney On Ice Dare to Dream?

If there is something else that you would like to know, give a shout out or add a comment to this post.


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