Museums on Us sponsored by Bank of America

Museums on Us occurs the first full weekend of each month and is sponsored by Bank of America.

At that time select museums will offer free admission (on both Saturday and Sunday) to card holders of BofA credit cards, debit cards and ATM cards.

The only catch is that free admittance is ONLY for the card holders, not guests. If you have a BofA card and your children do not, you will have to pay the admission price for them.

The solution for this problem is to request a debit, credit or ATM card for anyone in your family that does not have one.  I suggest that when you get the cards that you do not activate them, simply tuck the cards in your wallet or purse.  I have one wallet which is only used for membership cards.

The weekends for the 2008 year are:

Sept. 6 & 7

Oct. 4 & 5

Nov. 1 & 2

Dec. 6 & 7

This is a nationwide promotion.   Forward this information to your friends and family that they can get free admission too!



Originally Posted on: 10/3/2008
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