What I learned From A $500 Kitty Litter Box

For me, one of the cool things about being a blogger is learning about new technology and going to really cool trade expos, like CES in Las Vegas.  This past year I saw the $500 Litter Robot Open Air Automated kitty litter box and I just can’t get it out of my mind.  My first reaction (as I’m sure was yours) was “$500 for a kitty litter box, you must be out of you mind.  That’s what kids are for”.Litter Robot Automated Kitty Litter Box

But first why is this litter box priced at $500?

  • It is billed as the only kitty litter box you will ever need to buy.
  • The box automatically separates the used litter and moves it to a tray lined with a bag. When it is time to throw away the litter, someone only needs to gather the bag and place the bag in the trash.

Litter Robot Automated Kitty Litter

  • Keeps the kitty litter in the litter box. This is a personal pet peeve for me.
  • Uses regular clumping kitty litter.
  • Helps remove kitty litter order.
  • Great for cats of all sizes and multiple cats in one household.

But as the year has passed, and I see different types of technology being introduced, that $500 litter box makes more sense every day.

Not for me, but I have a father who is getting older.  He is happy in his apartment and is comfortable where he is living.  I also know the parents of several friends who are in the same situation.  Older, comfortable in their surroundings and with a village of friends that makes them happy to ‘age in place’.

I too am getting older and the joints don’t move as well as they used to. Getting up is fine, but making my way to the floor to get something from the back of a cabinet is a chore that requires planning, a road map and something to use as leverage to help me up.

What are the Lessons Learned?

I have learned two important lessons from the Litter Robot. 1)  “If I could afford it and it would make my father (or me) happier, easier to stay home and remain independent, would I buy a $500 kitty litter box?” Absolutely.

2) Not to discount someone else’s idea. You never know what product or service could be important to someone else’s well being or state of mind.

3) You are getting older than you think. (Had to sneak this one in!)

If you want to check out the Litter Robot web site, click here.  They offer 3 versions of the litter box with prices ranging from $399 to $449 ($500 with tax).  And if you are a cat lover, check out their Twitter feed, the pictures and captions are dead on and hilarious.

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